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500 Litre Water Tank V1 In Black

Watertank-Shop > Water Tanks  > 500 Litre Water Tanks > 500 Litre Water Tank V1 In Black

500 Litre Water Tank V1 In Black 500 Litre Water Tank V1 In Black Ref: ECO500V1WT - Black

This slim line, tough and durable water tank is ideal for small spaces or sliding into those small spaces. With its small width, the 500 litre is ideal for lining up against walls or garden fences.

Made from Medium Density Polyethylene (MDPE) our new 500 Litre water tank comes with an 8" vented lid which is ideal for installing a submersible water pump for watering the garden or even washing the car. The 500 Litre is also pre-moulded with a 1" BSP outlet which can be used to connect a simple garden tap or you can connect straight to a pressure washer.

Water Tank Dimensions
Capacity 500 Litres
Length 1250mm
Width 460mm
Height 1010mm
Weight 26kg
OutLet 1" BSP
InLet 8" Screw down Lid


Price:    197.50 237.00 Including  VAT at 20%

Pipes and Fittings

Ball Valve 13.60Ball Valve 13.60

Galvanised nipple 11 " Galvanised nipple 2.00

Tap Kit 15.00Tap Kit 15.00

Optional Extras

Black Downpipe Connector Black Downpipe Connector 5.99

Watertank-Shop > Water Tanks  > 500 Litre Water Tanks > 500 Litre Water Tank V1 In Black


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Our water tanks are made with extra strength, durability and are designed to last. They all come with a screw down lid to keep the water secure inside the tank and they come with a bottom outlet that you can draw the water when needed. We have many different types of water storage tanks such as rainwater harvesting tanks to store rain water, baffled and car valeting tanks that are ideal for car valeting, potable water tanks that are suitable for drinking water storage, insulated water tanks that prevent water from freezing in the cold weather spells, underground water tanks and many other types of water tanks. So feel free to browse out website or give one of our friendly sales team a call on 0871 200 2082 and they will be happy to guide you with the right water tank for your needs.


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